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  No big promises, no "Big Deals", just good services at affordable rates.

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As of 10-10-2009 All of the domains should be back and running correctly, if you notice some errors please contact me.

 The recent outage, 7-15-2009 was caused by a lightning hit somewhere upstream from our connectivity provider. They served up the high voltage right to our system. We are still estimating the cost of the damage. Please bear with us. The sites are coming back on line SLOW but sure. the mail server was only down for 16 hours Thank You.

A hosting destination. (web and e-mail hosting)

Users of YUIOP Mail servers. As of 1-30-2006 You must now include the @yuiop.com* after your user name.

* @whatheverdomain.youhave

This will popup when trying to check the mail

The passwords have not changed but you must add the domain name, like below.

or add the information under the tools - accounts - server tab for account name.

No unwanted advertisements popping up for visitors to your site to contend with!

Stop by Steve Butler's Cruise_in News Online. Publisher of "The Official Cruise-In News" and "The Corvair Junkyard Primer III"

Unless you put them there! 

Develop your own Website or have us build just the right site for you.

You own the rights to your domain, not us.

No big promises, no "Big Deals", just good services at affordable rates.

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